Content Managed Websites

Think all web developers are the same?  Think again:

  • Most web development companies are marketing companies first, and web development companies second.  Some even subcontract out the development portion of the site.  At OS-Cubed we'll work with your designers to take their artistic content and make it run better than an artist ever can.
  • We look at ALL the aspects of your website - not only how it looks, but how your users interact with it and how to entice your visitors to achieve your website's goals.
  • We build your website so it looks good even if you're using an alternative browser.
  • We optimize the content of your site so that search engines will find you - without having to "game" the search engine.
  • We only create sites where YOU manage the content.  You can, using our platform, add pages, delete pages, create new modules, and easily reorganize or redeploy areas of your sites.  You can allow users to login and access private sections of the site, and you can track their behavior once they've logged in.
  • Our sites are designed to reduce your total cost of ownership.  Gone are the days when you have to pay the web developer (and wait and wait and wait for your change) every time you make a change to the site.
  • Our professional site hosting is on servers we manage and control.  This gives you the greatest flexibility for deploying specialty modules on your site.

At OS-Cubed, Inc. we believe in building efficient, easy-to-use, content-managed sites.  All our new sites are built on a new open-source content-management platform that allows us to deliver a custom site, based on the latest .NET and MS SQL Server technologies.  Our clients love having the ability to edit their own content and manage their own calendars and news, without any special software and tools.

We love having the ability to deliver beautiful, custom designed sites quickly and efficiently.  Ultimately scaleable, the content-management system makes it easy to create everything from small brochure systems to a fully functional E-Commerce site.

Our system consultants will work directly with your business process experts to create a custom site that will follow your business needs, addressing the issues and goals you wish to achieve.  Our design crew will assist you in creating the correct site layout and design, and our expert programmers will assist in customizing the site directly to your requirements and needs.  Together we create exactly the site you want with a reasonable initial cost and much lower cost of ownership than your typical html based site.  Most importantly we'll create a site you control.

For examples of sites we've created on this new content-management platform see the following websites:

  • The OS-Cubed site - the site you're on now is one of our content-managed sites.  We are so confident in our software that we use it for our own site.        
  • The Hochstein School - a customer managed website that is constantly changing and being updated by the Hochstein staff.
  • Thompson Health - HIPAA compliant medical website
  • Classic Automation - A high end ecommerce site supporting hundreds of thousands of parts.
  • ICircleCareNY - a health care oriented multi-point site servicing all of upstate NY