Medical Services and HIPAA

When your company requires expertise in a highly secure environment that encompasses a regulated environment OS-Cubed has the expertise.  Whether you're creating an ADA compliant website, or securing your network from hackers and phishing, we are there to help. (Thompson Health, AAIR)


As an expert at maintaining manufacturing systems, OS-Cubed's technicians' long history in the field means we understand and can support your infrastructure with its' mix of technologies and capabilities. Whether you're hooking up a CNC machine to the network or designing a NIST compliant network environment, deploying virtual servers or integrating cloud technologies we can help.  OS-Cubed is a member of RTMA and provides RTMA with technical support as well. (RTMA, Orolia Government Systems, Lasermax)


Schools have special IT challenges, and OS-Cubed, Inc. is ready to help you tackle those. Our web experts can help you design and maintain a web presence to support your ever increasing hybrid learning needs, and our internal hardware support team can design the wireless, server and gateway network that will protect your users from cyber attacks while providing a responsive network environment. (Hochstein, Allendale)

Not For Profits

Today not-for-profit companies may have a simple or very sophisticated IT infrastructure, and very different missions. OS-Cubed can help to provide special pricing and services at an affordable rate to qualified NFPs. We understand the unique structure and capabilities and value NFPs provide to the community and will help you achieve your mission. (OCHS, EBHS, Boxing, CCCS)

Small Business

Small businesses face an ever-increasing challenge keeping up with technology. A small business may not have the staffing to have a full-time IT staff, or may be able to handle desktop support but not server or network infrastructure. Our custom support options allow us to provide you with the best solution - customized to your individual capabilities and needs. Whether you need us to do all your support for you, or just supplement your onsite staff, we provide the resources you need at a cost-effective price to keep your technology running smoothly.