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COVID-19 Statement

OS-Cubed's official COVID-19 statement:

Per the wishes of Monroe County and following guidelines for health OS-Cubed will be using the following best practices:

  • The office is closed except for official deliveries and specific appointments arranged in advance. In general our staff will be working from home, with the office manned by appointment.

What this means however is that we are operating as normal -

  • all our employees have work-from-home capability,
  • our remote support tools continue to operate,
  • development will continue as normal,
  • our phone system will forward calls to us wherever we are,
  • our cloud managed services will all continue to operate ,
  • our VPN capabilities allow us to remote access both our systems and your systems and help manage them. 
  • The Village Gate is closed for public use, however our offices will remain accessible via appointment only. 
  • Onsite visits will be for emergencies only, and only for activities that absolutely cannot be done by your own staff under our guidance.
  • We can continue to provide remote support using ringcentral meetings, and remote desktop/VPN capabilities

Onsite visits will incorporate:

  • handwashing on arrival and departure, and whenever a new device or keyboard is touched. 
  • If possible please use an alcohol based disinfectant on your keyboard (DO NOT USE LIQUID SOAPS, gels that are aloe based, OR wipes!) prior to our arrival and do not touch the device until we have done so, then re-disinfect.
  • If we are installing new technology we'll be incorporating a new "drop and go" protocol where we will pre-configure your tech as much as possible, put it in place and hook it to your network, confirm operation and complete any other setup steps remotely.

Development activities:

  • Development and website production will not be affected, we'll continue to develop and push forward with all projects, and are ready to accept new projects to help implement and incorporate interactive technologies for you.

Educational activities

  • Over the next few days we'll be publishing a series of articles on how to create a Work-From-Home environment for continuous business operations during the quarantine period using our technology stack. If you have specific questions call us at the office or email us.

Please note that this means our services will not change that much despite the quarantine. We and most of our clients can accommodate work from home and remote work pretty easily with our technology stack. If you need help implementing similar capabilities for your office - please contact us at www.os-cubed.com to arrange to have a chat about your technology needs and how we can meet them.

IT Infrastructure
Infrastructure CTA

We work with small to medium business owners and CIOs to provide state of the art cloud, server, workstation and network solutions to business problems, building a cost-effective, stable and secure infrastructure in cooperation with our vendor partners.


Integration CTA

With your key business stakeholders, we develop solutions to integrate disparate business software systems so that your channels, employees, customers and vendors information is available across platforms.


Web Engineering
Website Engineering CTA

We work with marketing directors, entrepreneurs and business owners to create content managed interactive websites. 


Managed Services
Managed Services CTA

We work with retail, manufacturing and medical services businesses to create a stable and secure IT infrastructure, allowing you to reduce costly downtime, improve productivity through better performing systems, and handle problems and emergencies in a timely manner.