OS-Cubed Texting Privacy Policy

OS-Cubed takes your privacy very seriously.  As such we do not text users except as part of managing and alerting you for service or billing issues. You will not receive advertising texts from us. If you do PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY as these are probably PHISHING or SPAM.  In general texts from us will be informative rather than requiring interaction - Examples include notifications of backup or antivirus status, password change notifications, urgent expiration of licenses (we will contact you by email first), or other notifications or alarms.

You may opt out of any or all of these by filling in the form below.  You must provide the email or text number that is currently receiving the message and preferably a copy of a recent message so we can be sure to remove you from the appropriate group. In general, we don't need you to opt into these messages as they are not advertisements and we will only send them to users who already have a business relationship with us and have indicated they want alerting turned on.

If you receive ANY text from us you have a question about, please call us before taking action.   We are here to help. 

We collect text information only for the purposes of outgoing notiifcations to you.  We do not resell, or otherwise distribute this information in any way.  We do not provide that information to other entities without your permission, and only then to provide the services you requested and contracted for.

If you have questions you may contact us via this form, or by calling our main number at 585-756-2444, or emailing us using the contact us form or your support or developer's personal email.

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