Optimal, Stable, Secure Solutions

This philosophy drives each solution we build


The solution must be the best solution for you—within your budget and with maximum return on investment. At OS-Cubed, Inc., our mission is not to sell you what WE think is best, but to find out the best solution to your business challenges.


If you have a solution that runs on a poorly designed, poorly maintained, or poorly updated platform, it can’t possibly be stable. A stable solution requires a solid technology base to stand on and an active plan to keep that technology stable over the entire lifetime of the solution. In addition, there must be adequate maintenance and monitoring to ensure that destabilizing influences are quickly identified and corrected.


Today's business systems are under attack from all angles—viruses, trojans, spyware, hardware failure, user error, hacking, malicious or criminal internal users, and business disasters. Designing a secure solution means we deliver a combination of hardware, software, custom solutions, backup and disaster recovery plans, monitoring, and fast response when problems occur.


We will assist you in rooting out the cause of the business challenge, whether that problem lies within your technology or within your business process. Our internal and extended staff are expert problem solvers with years of experience assisting companies both large and small in growing and succeeding.