OS-Cubed stands for Optimal, Stable, Secure Solutions. This philosophy drives each solution we build to a customer problem. 


The solution must be the best solution for you—within your budget and with maximum return on investment.  At OS-Cubed, Inc., our mission is not to sell you what WE think is best, but to find out the best solution to your business challenges.  What does an  "Optimal Solution" encompass?  We believe it covers these major points:

  • The solution must play well with others.  No solution in today's world stands alone.  Each organization has its own unique systems, challenges, business processes, and internal infrastructure.  When we design a system we try to mold these items together to form a cohesive whole, instead of a set of squabbling siblings.

  • The solution must pay for itself.  In general a solution should increase your productivity, your sales, and your margins; should decrease your costs; and should allow you access to new markets or allow you to acquire new business.  If the payback in one of these areas isn't enough to justify the cost, we'll recommend that you not make the investment.  If you don't know how to measure these things, we'll help you to find that solution as well.  The industry has invented some serious buzzwords around the concepts ROI (Return on Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).  We believe you should be able to measure success, and we'll help build a solution that does so.

  • The solution must fit your business culture.  Too often solutions are implemented, fully functional, and never used.  OS-Cubed will learn about your business culture and what does and doesn't work for you and your customers and clients.  We'll help you to find or design a solution that fits your business culture like a glove, and help you to get the resources to bring your users up to speed on it.

  • Building the solution must be a purposeful, organized process.  There are  reasons why 60% of IT solutions never see the light of day:  they're poorly planned or poorly managed, and they have vague goals or unrealistic expectations.  We will help you organize your projects, your day-to-day IT needs, and your hosting requirements in ways you've never imagined.  Each of our clients gets a personalized portal to help them manage their projects and trouble tickets.  This portal allows them to see the progress on their project literally as it occurs.  You can submit trouble tickets for dispatch immediately and our technical support staff will respond promptly and efficiently.

  • The solution must leverage the power of our network.  When you join OS-Cubed, Inc., as a client, you're joining an elite network of powerful and influential alliances, clients, and vendors.  We will help you leverage that network by providing opportunities to grow your businesses together.  Our network extends across multiple vendor/providers, strategic business alliances, and a wide range of consultants to allow us to help you find the right place and the right solution.


rocklogosmall.gifThe solution must be based on a stable platform of people, technology, business practices, and company culture.  We’ll help you to achieve the stability you require to make your solution work for you.

If you have a solution that runs on a poorly designed, poorly maintained, or poorly updated platform, it can’t possibly be optimal.  A stable solution requires a solid technology base to stand on and an active plan to keep that technology stable over the entire lifetime of the solution.  In addition, there must be adequate maintenance and monitoring to ensure that destabilizing influences are quickly identified and corrected.

At OS-Cubed, Inc., we define stable solutions as having these unique features:

  • A stable solution should be based on solid, reliable hardware and networking technology.  Without the proper infrastructure, configured in the proper way, a technology solution can quickly become a problem.  If you look at technology as a “cost center” rather than a “revenue-generating engine,” then your issue may well be the stability of your systems.  Selling hardware isn’t our major focus, but making sure that you have the right hardware, and that it all works well together, is.  We’ll assist you in selecting and configuring your hardware for the best possible solution.
  • A stable solution should be designed around base software designed to work well together.  Often we find that one of the major destabilizing factors in designing solutions is software that doesn’t “play well with others.”  You can always write custom code to patch up these differences, but why do that when you can use solutions that may already exist?  A technology combination that we use to provide enterprise reporting and data-mining dashboards is the collection of Windows 2003 Server, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Reporting Services.  Using this platform we were able to develop software for a major manufacturing firm to simplify their sales reporting process for pennies on the dollar, compared to the solution that larger companies offered.
  • A stable solution must be well integrated into a company’s business processes.  Since companies run on their business processes, not on the technology that implements those processes, the solution must integrate well into each business process and the people who run it.  Each person involved in the implementation and use of the solutions needs proper training, and the solution must be designed to merge seamlessly into their business needs.
  • A stable solution should consider the entire solution’s lifetime.  We work closely with our clients and partners to deliver solutions that include planning for updates, upgrades, ongoing improvement, maintenance, business continuity, and support.  There are no “deliver the magic bullet and leave” business solutions out there; each solution has a life cycle and life cycles require constant interaction to maintain stability.


Today's computer systems frequently hold a company's most valuable asset:  information.  Without the proper security you can easily put your entire company at risk.  Security doesn't stop with virus and firewall control; it spreads to your custom software systems, your disaster recovery procedures, and your business processes.  We'll assist you in making the right decision about protecting your information.


Today's business systems are under attack from all angles—viruses, trojans, spyware, hardware failure, user error, hacking, malicious or criminal internal users, and business disasters.  Designing a secure solution means that we need to deliver a combination of hardware, software, custom solutions, backup and disaster recovery plans, monitoring, and fast response when problems occur.

With all these forces fighting against a system, how does OS-Cubed, Inc., help you to design a secure system?  A secure solution needs to be based on layers of security, each appropriate to the threat that exists:

  • A secure solution must incorporate anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-trojan software at the server and workstation level at a minimum.  An integrated system allows us to both install and monitor compliance of the anti-threat software.  We'll help you design and implement such a system.

  • A secure solution must incorporate security at the network interface.  Each solution should allow only the traffic that must be allowed, and should provide monitoring to allow changes in traffic profile or volume to be tracked.  Part of this solution relies on properly configured firewalls, routers, and wireless access points.  More sensitive data should be protected by dedicated "edge appliances" designed to very closely control and monitor traffic.

  • A secure solution must incorporate any custom designed software so that it is designed and implemented with today's security threats in mind.  Threats such as SQL injection, buffer overflows, and proper permission setting should be addressed and controlled as part of the initial design, not as the afterthought  "if we have enough cash to implement it."

  • To have a secure environment users must be updated and educated on security threats so that they can respond appropiately.  This is why OS-Cubed, Inc., sponsors the Viruswarn site and newsletter.  Through the site and its newsletter you can get up-to-date information about threats and have updates delivered to your RSS reader or your email box in clear, easy-to-read format.

  • Secure solutions incorporate backup, restore, and business continuity in their plan.  Disasters happen when we least expect them and they never strike at a convenient time.  No matter how stable your solution is, hardware can fail, or acts of nature can intervene.  That's why when we plan our solutions we ensure that the solution includes backup, restore, and disaster recovery plans for each component of the solution.

  • Secure solutions require constant vigilance.  Each solution requires planning to ensure that the security of the solution is maintained throughout its life cycle, not just at the beginning.  New threats pop up all the time, and a secure solution incorporates continual review of the system's security and continuity plan to ensure that these threats are anticipated and neutralized.  Updates should be easy and safe, and should be applied promptly and purposefully.


Technology companies frequently concentrate on selling the newest, coolest gadget, box, or software.  Our focus is on providing solutions to obstacles placed in the way of your growth.  We will, wherever possible, help you to optimize the tools and human resources you already have, while leveraging our extensive experience.  We use the technology inherent in your current systems, supplementing with purchased or developed software only when needed, to address your challenge and remove your barrier to success.

We will assist you in rooting out the cause of the business challenge, whether that problem lies within your technology or within your business process.  Our internal and extended staff are expert problem solvers with years of experience assisting companies both large and small in growing and succeeding.