Important information about your Microsoft Subscription from OS-Cubed, Inc.

Thank you for being an OS-Cubed, Microsoft Cloud client.  Your Microsoft NCE yearly commitment is due to renew per the below chart of licenses.

In addition, several promotions they were running for legacy clients have expired and the prices may be changing on a wide variety of licenses.   In most cases license prices went up by about 20%.  We don’t control license prices – those are dictated by Microsoft.  We apologize for the price inflation but can’t change their prices.

In order not be billed for an additional 20%/month on top of the new prices, you must commit to license for a full year as you did last year.  The statement below shows your current license commitment, with the monthly and yearly cost.   You can only change this ONCE PER YEAR and that change is coming up soon (see license expiration dates).    If you have no changes I will be sending you a new contract to sign, committing you to another year of billing.  Add your name and click "Keep My Current Licenses" Below, then submit the form. If you do wish to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF LICENSES or UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE licenses – now is the time. When your licenses expire we can schedule that change at that time. We will review your current licenses, the new pricing if any, and what your new commitment will look like. Please click “Discuss Changes” below and I will schedule a time to call you to decide what licenses need updating and what those changes will be.

In either case to continue your Microsoft commitment I need you to sign your new contract by Feb 15, 2023 (so that we have time to process changes before the renewal date.   Once you send me a “no changes” or “discuss changes on this form and we settle your quantities I’ll send you a new contract to sign.  Signing the contract locks in your changes as of 1 week before the expiration dates below.

License Summary for

Subscription Commitment Monthly Yearly Quantity Start End


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