RingCentral VOIP Services



OS-Cubed Inc is proud to provide Voice over IP phone service courtesy of our partnership with RingCentral.  This reasonably priced service provides users with unprecedented flexibility and configuration options in a phone system where the only on-premises hardware requirement are the phones themselves. Through our partnership with www.ciscomeraki.com we are also able to offer the network infrastructure to configure, monitor and support a VOIP deployment on your network.



 Here's a roundup of some of the things we get with our new system. You get all these features with even just a couple of phones!

  • Directory listing - the system lets us update and publish our incoming call number listing across the nation - all electronically.
  • International numbers - need an inbound number in another country? No problem. Just order it. (Long distance rates may apply).
  • Local numbers - you can order a number for any extension from over 200 availabile area codes. Don't have a presence in LA but want to create one - just order an LA number for one of your extension - at no additional cost.
  • Toll Free numbers - OS-Cubed got a toll free number with the same last 7 digits as it's main number - for a one time $30 fee. Toll free minutes come with your ringcentral account, and additional minutes are very reasonable.
  • No phone hardware except the phones (and even those are optional with soft phones). We did need the requisite networking equipment in house, but we already had that thanks to our networking partner www.meraki.com.
  • Auto-receptionist - a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response programming system comes with the system with the ability to establish specific rules for times, incoming caller id, incoming line, etc. You can route calls to call queues, individual extensions, automated directories and more. Multi-level IVR means you can have very sophisticated linked menus of options. Text-to-speech means you can try it all out with automated voice repsonses, then record a voice response with a human, or contract with our professional provider to create a voice response for you with professional voice actors.
  • Sophisticated user security - your users have multiple roles - any user can be assigned to manage extensions, billing, grating permissions, onboarding assistance, etc. Granular security means each person gets only the permission they need.
  • User Templates lets you set up categories of phones for a particular setup or layout. Organize users presence monitoring by department, or heirarchy. Deploy phone capabilities and user schedules automatically.
  • Sophisticated call reporting - you can see exactly how users are using their phones, in particular and aggregate. For Call Centers you can monitor agent utilization and performance.
  • Call recording and voicemail - any call can be recorded and the information retained (within the legal limitations set out by your locality). Voicemails and call recordings can be forwarded to an email account, or just listened to online using the web interface. Voicemails can be retrieved from the users mailbox using any phone.
  • Music on hold - the system has a variety of music on hold messages to provide people. MOH can be configured by user, or overall using templates for classes of users. Our professional voice recording company can also create Music on Hold greetings for your users, with professionally licensed music. You may upload your own (non-copyrighted) music as well.
  • You can add, edit or remove extensions at will - letting your users travel from location to location and be found wherever they are.
  • Softphone - any PC, laptop, tablet or phone can be a ringcentral phone (one per extension). Your call can ring either sequentially or simultaneously on your desk phone, softphone, cell phone, home phone or any combination of phones. A phone doesn't even need to be a RingCentral phone to receive an incoming call.
  • Dial by name directory - the system automatically creates this from your users extension information.
  • Call monitoring - do you want your managers to be able to listen in on, participate in and take over calls? Call monitoring let's you do that to assist in coaching and quality control.
  • Single sign on - configure your phones so that your login is the same for the PC and for their phone or online account.
  • Hot desking - don't need a phone for every employee? Allow employees to login to any hot-desk phone and it will configure itself for their account and ring while they're there.
  • Secure VOIP transmissions - your calls are transmitted in an encrypted format back and forth to the Ringcentral system. If you are a HIPAA organization you can create a conduit to be sure that all your calls are compliant.
  • Caller ID control - you can control what Caller ID is shown on outgoing calls - your personal DID? Your company's inbound call number? Your toll-free number?
  • RingOut - see a contact, voicemail or missed call in the interface. Click one icon, choose where you want to be connected and ringcentral will connect you and the person who called you at any configured line, including your desk phone.
  • RingMe - each user get's the code to configure a specific web-button that they can place on a website. When a user clicks the button it will set up a call between their number and your number - all with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Make it EASY for clients to get ahold of you.
  • A huge number of phones (Desk, conference, soft, cordless, headset based, desktop and mobile apps) - choose the phone configuration that works best for you.
  • Sophisticated answering rules - during the day route to your deskphone, then ring your cell, then go to voicemail. During the evening go directly to voicemail - you control your call handling, and can change it by just logging into a website. Going to be on vacation? Route your calls to an answering message, forward them to another extension, or take them on your RingCentral softphone for the duration.
  • Call forwarding - the incoming caller never knows you're not at your desk. Have the phone ring where you are.
  • Automatic call recording - facing a legal issue? Need to record calls for quality assurance? Need to record calls to or from a specific client? Automatic recording lets you set up any of these scenarios.
  • Call flip - you know what it's like. Talking to someone on your deskphone but you have to hurry out of the office to a meeting. By pressing *3 (or another configuration based on your specific phone setup) flip the call to your cell and just continue it there. On a call on your cell and want to flip it to your deskphone? *1. Super easy, super convenient.
  • Call park - Call comes in and your receptionist doesn't know what to do with it - call park lets you move a call to a temporary extension, then announce to a group that anyone can pick it up. Perfect for those "whose available to handle this" moments.
  • Shared lines - in a retail environment where you want multiple phones to ring on an incoming call? No problem. Configure any set of phones as a "group" and ring them all.
  • Intercom - announce, talk, consultative transfers, blind transfers, transfer directly to voice mail - all built in.
  • Paging - page a number of phones simultaneously - works well with call park.
  • Call logs - every incoming and outgoing call is kept in detailed format. Not sure who you spent time on the phone with, or how long that tech support call took? Not a problem - just login and find it.
  • Text-on-phone - Every RingCentral number can receive a text - just like a cell phone - and they can all send texts too - (messaging achieved through the web interface). You can send and receive an unlimited number of texts on your Ringcentral number.
  • Extensive notifications - missed call? Incoming text? Incoming fax? Voicemail - notify an email account or cell phone (or both) and attach the actual message to the notification.
  • Internet-to-fax/fax-to-internet - in addition to configuring incoming fax lines, any incoming line can take or send faxes. They show up in your mailbox, along with your voicemail and text messages. Sending faxes is easy - establish your sending accounts and email a doc, pdf, etc. to a specific address to send a fax out. The system even lets you customize the cover page.
  • Team collaboration - Glip subscription is included for team messaging and presence.
  • Video conferencing - the included RingCentral meetings lets you hold scheduled or ad-hoc video meetings, including screen sharing, voice conferencing on the phone, and allowing you to take over the remote user's screen to help them. (number of users per meeting varies by plan)
  • Almost unlimited audio conferencing - just need to set up an audio conference - your personal conference number can be used to set up conferences with up to 1000 attendees!
  • Integrate with popular desktop and cloud based applications including Box (send faxes from your box account), Desk (click-to-dial and automatic case creation), Dropbox (send your incoming messages and recordings to your dropbox account, and faxout from dropbox), Google (call directly from google, expand access to hangouts, fax directly from google docs and drive), Office365 integration (a chrome extension let's you dial out, lookup contacts, and integrate with your web based office365, an outlook extension lets you do the same with Outlook, and you can leverage skype for business with your ringcentral install), Oracle Sales Cloud (call in and take incoming calls through your RingCentral account), Salesforce (make calls, screenpop on incoming calls, see call records, and record notes), ServiceNow and Zendesk - create tickets and call queue records from within these tools.