Your intranet site is what allows your internal operations to be centralized, standardized, and customized to your users' business processes.  It acts as the dashboard and coordinated resource for all of your internal staff.  OS-Cubed, Inc., concentrates on assisting companies who already have an intranet site to optimize its use and its productivity.  We can assist other companies to develop an intranet strategy.

Our intranet strategy incorporates the use of multiple technologies, including Microsoft Sharepoint, DotNetNuke (DNN), MS SQL Server, Microsoft Reporting Services, .NET, Exchange, and custom .NET development.  We can also work in the Novell, Linux, and Unix world, should those be the platforms you support.  Our solutions will help you integrate disparate back-end systems such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, IVR Systems, and other existing custom and packaged systems.

  • For World Kitchen, Inc., we've helped to develop and deploy the back-end reporting system for their sales monitoring systems.  This software was developed in just a few weeks, using existing hardware, software, and technologies, enhanced by our customized components.  It integrates data from Sybase, SAP, MS SQL Server, and user entry on a custom VB application.  OS-Cubed is currently in the process of converting and consolidating the legacy Sybase and VB applications into a .NET based solution.
  • For Total Information, Inc., a provider of custom internet bookstores for companies and libraries, OS-Cubed helps to maintain their external website, as well as to integrate data coming from their external site into their internal Microsoft Sharepoint based intranet site.  The intranet site coordinates vendor websites, exchange server, and their legacy database into a single point of contact for their users.