Developing an extranet or business-to-business solution (B2B) becomes more than double the challenge of developing a brochure or intranet site.   You now need to consider the stability, security, culture, and business processes of not only the person providing the site, but also of the customers, partners, or vendors using the site.  Compared to intranet sites, extranet sites require even more planning and focus on the various parts that go into the site.

You need to develop a scope that can be reasonably accomplished within the budget.  In addition, you must identify the customer base that the extranet site serves and determine their overall technical capability and expectations.  You then must determine what data needs to be presented, captured, or modified.  Since you have no control

Whether you want a custom open source Extranet based on DotNetNuke (DNN) or a Sharepoint site in the cloud, OS3 can help you plan, implement, and deliver that functionality to your users.