Database & Reporting Services development:

  • Analyze information management needs
  • Review existing tools and systems
  • Recommend solutions including optimizing existing data management, custom database programming, and database conversion

Our key areas of design are data mining, dashboard reporting services, Microsoft Sharepoint, and web server integration. 

  • For Pharos systems we worked on a portion of the Admin interface for one of their software products in conjunction with their in-house programming team.   
  • For Rochester Eye and Tissue Bank not only did we design and implement their custom client-managed website, but we also built a complete donor tracking database, which ties donors, doctors, recipients, and contributors all together under a simple database.
  • For the University of Rochester we've created a database to assist them in tracking their continuing-education events.  The system uses Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
  • For World Kitchen, Inc., our unique blend of Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft SQL Server reporting services has allowed WKI to roll out a sales reporting system to their sales team in record time that incorporates data from SAP, Sybase, and a diverse set of users throughout the world.

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