What is your security risk?

OS-Cubed's cyber security training and measurement tools allows our clients to measure their security risk, create an educational action plan to overcome that risk, and test whether the action plan has succeeded. This award-winning service incorporates training and measurement tools from KnowBe4 and our unique and careful analysis of your business and security needs to develop and implement a plan for ongoing cyber security awareness training, ongoing measurement and reporting, all at a cost effective and easy to implement price point.

Whether you just want to prevent risk to your company by reducing the likelihood of a malware, virus or ransomware attack, or you need to comply with requirements like PCI-DSS, ITAR, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, or other cyber security regulations, our solution can be crafted for  your particular needs.  Plans available from one user to 10,000.

To get a free Cyber Security evaluation test of your vulnerabilities, contact us, using the form at the bottom of our page, or call us on our RingCentral sales line for an appointment and quote.