OS3 private label Managed Cloud Service Backup Solution

The OS-Cubed Managed Backup Service is an all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution. Offering options such as file-by-file or image based backup this service can be configured to backup to an external drive, shared NAS storage, Cloud storage of all kinds, or any combination.  Backups can be scheduled to run during specific times of the day or night, and throttled to prevent them from eating all your bandwidth.
Image backups mean that the system can be restored from bare metal, or restored directly into a cloud instance to run offsite in the event of a complete disaster.  OS-Cubed offers the entire solution - from local to remote, including storage options.  We will size your local and remote storage to fit your needs.

Basic features

  • As part of our managed service platform OS3 Backup is managed for all our clients with a single pane of glass.
  • Email notifications let you and us know if there are any issues with the backup.
  • Integrated to Autotask ticketing - if your backup fails it automatically creates a ticket in our queue.
  • We can control backup jobs, kick them off and manage the results from our web interface for you, or you can manage them yourselves.
  • Non-cloud subscriptions can add cloud at any time.
  • Image or file-by-file backups let you backup everything, or just the files you want.
  • Works with a huge number of OSes including Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016, Ubuntu 12/14/16/17, Debian 7.11/8.10/9.3, Suse 11/12, Red Hat 6.x/7.x, Fedora 25/26/27, CentOS 6/7, Oracle Linux 6.x/7.x, macOS 10.8 or newer
  • Cloud storage can be our storage, or any other storage you purchase.
  • All updates and patches to software included, including auto installation of new versions as they are released.

Simple pricing

Rather than complex pricing our plan is simple:

Basic cost: 

Backup software only: $10/month (does not include disk, cloud or NAS storage - purchased separately). Servers and Workstations are the same price. Labor, installation and support are on a ticket basis.

Backup software and managed service: $20/month (Does not include storage, does include proactive monitoring, technical support and all file restoration assistance needed)

Azure Cool Cloud storage:
$30/month/TB - if you exceed your quota you may purchase additional TB of storage at any time. (in addition to licensing above)

We have a variety of USB 3 and Networked Attached storage devices available for your needs. We will help size your hybrid storage as needed for your installation.

Note if you have regulatory requirements for backup we can meet those needs, however it could affect pricing.

Advanced options

Let us develop a backup and disaster recovery plan for you.  If you require more sophisticated engineering such as for virtual servers, shared storage arrays, custom cloud storage, full DR with cloud restore, or other types of backup we can craft a package just for your needs. 

Full disaster recovery packages are priced on a custom basis.  

Compare our pricing to theirs

VEEAM - $750/socket/server plus yearly support of $500/year - not including cloud or local storage
Veritas System Recovery - $540/year ($45/month)  not including cloud or local storage
Carbonite - $50/month for 1 server and 500gb of backup (our cost $40/month for 2x the storage).  Additional storage is $82.50/TB/Month.

We provide the best value for the dollars, in a clean, managed environment with tons of cloud storage options at a reasonable price.