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Ideas to Reality

Do you have a fantastic software-based entrepreneurial idea, some cash to get started, but not the technical expertise to get it off the ground?  Are you a web techie but need a larger team to help you build the site of your dreams?  Do you have experience in software development, but not in managing a large project?  If you answered yes to any of these questions - OS-Cubed has the right services to help you to get predictable results for a predictable price.

We provide:

  • Applications development We'll build your application from demo to proof of concept to fully realized production level software.
  • We're enterepreneur focused Most entrepreneurs have limited seed money to start.  We'll help you build your software, within your means and with the target of getting the next round of funding to take your product to the next level.  We both have the same goal - making your software a successful endeavor - so everyone is working towards the same goal. 
  • No startup costs No need to have employees on your payroll, purchase development equipment, get a hosting environment set up, or hire managers for your software development project.  OS-Cubed is a Microsoft Partner, with a tested and released ISV software product.  Our qualified development team and resources are available for your use.  Our hosting environment is already set up and is hosted in a locally managed world-class hosting facility 
  • Project management We understand the fund/build/fund cycle that all entrepreneurs go through.  We'll tailor your development goals and costs to your budget and schedule.  We'll help you pick and choose the features that will get you the best bang for the buck.  We'll also help you to identify new avenues for monetizing your product. 
  • United States Team We use all US programmers to provide you with the assurance that your project will be held both confidential and private.  Our team will be sure that your proprietary knowledge and technology remain yours to develop.
  • Our criteria We work only with the best entrepreneurs in the business.  OS-Cubed insists that your entrepreneurial idea have a solid business base and a monetization strategy, and that you have funding for building the initial prototype or demo.  We will evaluate your product idea for free, and give you honest, straightforward feedback about the barriers to entry, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses in your plan.  We will not sugarcoat proposals to get your business - we provide real quotes backed by specifications that we stand behind for your development effort.

Interested in having the OS-Cubed team create your next software blockbuster idea?  Take our short survey to discover if your application qualifies for consideration.