Design Collaboration

OS-Cubed, Inc., provides design collaboration services - our experienced engineers will work directly with your in-house or 3rd party designers to implement even the most complex designs.  We will adapt your web-ready art and design specs to become an easy-to-use DNN template, so that you and your clients can implement and maintain your website going forward.  Our extensive experience with traditional and responsive design techniques incorporates testing on dozens of browsers and platforms, as well as making your site's customer interactions exactly what you want, from menu navigation to form response.

We've worked in all different scenarios: hired by the designer for implementation, hired by the customer to implement a designer's concept, and hand in hand with your in-house staff to make your vision a reality.  With extensive experience in all types of sites - intranet and consumer - we can make your e-commerce, brochure, or dashboard site a reality.